Born on September 12th, 1965 in Luxembourg, schooling in Luxembourg and Switzerland, then working and living in Luxembourg, I finally find my art in 2011 totally autodidactic.





    Cours & workshops:

October 2014 - May  2015       Drawing lessons with Christophe Poissonnier

October & December 2014       Dynamic drawing of horses with Lis Prüssen

November 2014                      Experimental painting with Brigitte Weiand

April 2015                               2 days workshop with Tom Kree

November 2015                       Workshop with Bettina Reichert

                                             Acrylic paintings with Yvette Rischette

January - March 2016            Different workshops with Günther Reil, Martin Thomas & Peter Feichter

July 2018 - January 2019         Different workshops with Bettina Reichert, Gina Jacobs & Ela Rübenach, Renata Schepmann